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Stephen Hatchett is running for the position of District Attorney General of the 10th Judicial District in East Tennessee. He is a proud Tennessean with a passion for public service. With years of experience in government and law, Stephen knows how to navigate complex agencies and find solutions to problems. He is committed to community engagement, criminal justice for all, and making public safety a top priority.


As District Attorney General, Stephen Hatchett will make public safety his top priority. He will work with law enforcement officials to reduce crime rates and ensure that all residents of the 10th Judicial District feel safe in their communities.
Stephen Hatchett is committed to fixing the criminal justice system in the 10th Judicial District. He believes in fair and equal justice for all, and will work to make sure criminals are prosecuted and communities are safe.
Stephen Hatchett believes that government works best when it is accountable to the people it serves. He will work to increase transparency and engage with residents of the 10th Judicial District to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met.
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